Tip Tuesday: Preparing for Disaster

Katelyn SmrecanskySecurity Resources

Hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis oh my. Disasters are difficult topics to discuss but they are incredibly relevant in our world and it’s vital we prepare ahead of time in the event a disaster occurs in our area. Preparing for disasters improve post disaster outcomes in our communities, schools, businesses and in our homes. Visit http://www.ncpc.org/ or your local police department’s website for more information. Below are some general emergency preparedness tips. • Keep cash on hand as automated teller machines won’t work if the power is out. • Know your community’s evacuation route. • Assemble an emergency preparedness kit that will allow your family to camp out for three days. Assume you’ll be without electricity and running water. • Store your emergency supplies in sealed containers such as plastic tubs – taped shut. • Learn how to shut off utilities such as gas, electricity, and water. Water: 1 gallon per person per day, 1/2 for drinking, 1/2 for cooking/sanitation. Food: … Read More