Always Keep an Eye on Your Business With Secure Pacific’s New App

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As the keeper of both residential and commercial securities, we at Secure Pacific understand better than anyone the importance of knowing exactly what’s going on with your things at all times. It’s part of what we do: keeping a constant watch over your home or small business to ensure the true security of what’s most important. So we thought to ourselves, “Why not put this feature in the hands of our customers as well?” Enter Secure Pacific’s new app which allows you to use your smartphone to better monitor your burglar alarm system for retail, small business, or residence. With the Secure Pacific Mobile App, you’ve got security in the palm of your hand, literally. The app features live video feeds utilizing up to six cameras, the ability to control lights and thermostats, setting security system schedules, and much more. With a total of eight different and unique features tailored to various segments of burglar alarm systems, using the Secure Pacific app is a great way … Read More