Temporary Alarm System Stops Copper Thieves

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In our first apprehension of the year, we detected two copper thieves at a Bothell, WA construction site protected by one of our temporary alarm systems. Operator Steven dispatched Bothell PD to the site on January 17 after receiving a motion viewer alarm that showed two suspects on the site. Steven called the site responders and was able to reach someone who could meet with police, who had arrived and arrested both suspects. The suspects were carrying a roll of stolen copper wire. Construction sites are a hub for criminal activity of all kinds, especially copper theft. Installing a temporary video alarm system at your site not only deters criminals but leads to their arrest. When our operators receive video alarms, they immediately determine if a person is on the premises after the system has been armed. If there is, the operator dispatches police immediately and tells them that they have video evidence of an intrusion in progress. Sometimes, the officers even catch the suspects red handed (or in this case, copper handed). For more information, check out some of our tips on preventing copper theft. Watch the video from the dispatch below!