Testimonial from Olympia Pizza and Pasta

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To whom it may concern:   I am writing this email as my testimonial as to why I recommend Secure Pacific and their verified alarm system. Also to provide my story.   My family has been in the restaurant business since 1977. In those 37 years we did not have many break-ins. On occasion we would have a break in and have some theft, mostly beer. We assumed it was kids. They didn’t cause much damage and at the time we didn’t feel the break-ins occurred enough to warrant the cost of an alarm system.   In the early part of 2013 the break-ins started occurring much more frequently and the damage and the cost of the items stolen started to mount up into the thousands. Not only did they cost us money, they started taking documents and at this time we felt they were getting too comfortable with breaking in. We believed the burglars knew the outlay of our establishment and could easily go through and do whatever they liked since they knew we didn’t have any type of alarm. The burglars made it personal and we got fed up with the break-ins and decided to fight back and take control of our property. No longer would we sit back and be victimized!   I contacted my friend Kenny Showalter at Secure Pacific and informed him of my problems about the rash of break-ins that were occurring regularly. I expressed to him I wanted an alarm system that would catch these criminals. I wanted these people stopped. I wanted to feel secure about my business when we are closed. I was tired of arriving in the mornings and finding my property damaged and my papers thrown all around and most of all I was tired of them stealing my inventory of alcohol which was now becoming a hassle of replacing and very costly.   Kenny set up an appointment with one of their sales people, Mark. Mark explained to me their Verified silent alarm system. The system is designed for catching burglars, not just scaring them off. Once a monitor or motion sensor has been triggered the cameras are then monitored by Secure Pacific so they can verify that a burglary is actually in progress. Once they determine the situation they contact the police immediately. After the police have been notified I then receive a call from Secure Pacific and I am informed of the situation. Never have I received any false alarms. The 2 burglaries that have taken place since our installation of the Verified alarm system have resulted in one arrest.   I have spoken with the City Police & County officers that patrol at night and they expressed to me now that they are aware of how our system operates, they will have the upper-hand of being able to perform their duties as officers and catching the suspects due to the fact they now know that they are responding to an actual verified burglary and not a false alarm. I was informed by the first responding officer that he arrived at our location within 2 minutes of receiving the call from Secure Pacific and was able to apprehend the suspect trying to break in through the back door.   Since the installation of our alarm system I now have a peace of mind at night knowing my business & property are being protected by Secure Pacific.   In today’s new age of crime I believe a system such as a Verified alarm system is essential to all businesses. The inexpensive cost of such a system is worth the feeling I now have.   I am more than happy to have anyone who is interested in Secure Pacific’s verified silent alarm system contact me. I believe my story will help you make a better decision. So again, please feel free and contact me.   Sincerely, Nick Damianidis Olympia Pizza & Pasta 17324 Smokey Point Drive Arlington, Wa. 98223