The Debate over False Alarms

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  Many people are shocked to learn that 98% of all alarms are false, yet the facts stand. Most alarms aren’t triggered by an intruder, but instead that someone or something has accidentally triggered the alarm. We understand that when your alarm is activated, you want it to count. False alarms have two main causes. The first is user error. The second is error-prone motion detectors. User error can mean that you or one of your employees has mistakenly tripped the alarm. This can happen for several reasons, including entering an armed building without using their designated code or simply trying to reset the alarm without knowing how. Error-prone motion detectors get set off by things like wandering pets, falling banners and signs, and helium balloons, to name a few. The biggest consequence of false alarms is that they keep police from real emergencies. Because of this, police consider un-verified alarms a low priority. Response rates for an unverified alarm are much longer than verified alarms: your wait time can be up to 45 minutes. This is plenty of time for an intruder to grab what they can and get off the site. Conversely, average response rates for verified alarms can be five minutes and under. The next problem with systems that often trigger false alarms is that they make you reluctant to arm your system, leaving you open to theft. With Secure Pacific, we have live operators 24/7 that can reset your alarm wirelessly so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary alarms. Lastly, false alarms are expensive. Fines can run up to several hundred dollars depending on your state and local jurisdiction and they increase with every false alarm your facility triggers. If you have more than five false alarms at your premises, your service may be suspended. This leaves you open to theft, vandalism, and intrusion. Verified response security systems lower the threat of false alarms. When your verified alarm systems are activated by silent motion detectors, video surveillance is immediately transmitted wirelessly to verification experts. They can then verify that the threat is legitimate and immediately inform the authorities. The police then prioritize this call and, on average, arrive on the site of alarm in five minutes or less. Furthermore, Secure Pacific can monitor your system remotely so you don’t have to worry about setting and resetting your system. We have local live operators standing by 24/7 to serve Everett, Seattle, Portland, Tacoma, and Boise. Verified video alarms systems and live alarm monitoring are the answer to eliminating false alarms and protecting your valuable property.  With our Peace of Mind Guarantee, your safety has never been more certain. For more information, contact us today.