The Top-4 Security Essentials for Outdoor Protection

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In the summer months, outdoor seating can be a nice option for restaurant owners to expand their available seating and draw customers in. Soaking up some sun with a great meal or a cool beverage can be the perfect way for restaurant patrons to spend a summer day. Although patios and outdoor seating are great draws during business hours, they tend to create obstacles for business owners looking to keep their property secure overnight. Outdoor furniture or items that remain outside can present a security concern for businesses, as can having large amounts of traffic flow through the back or side doors of your building. In order to protect your business and secure your outdoor space, here are some restaurant security essentials we suggest for optimum outdoor protection:

1. Motion Detector Lights:

A must-have for outdoor areas, motion detector lights instantly deliver bright light when triggered, providing the visibility necessary for additional security system and monitoring options. Motion detector lights can be set up strategically around your outdoor seating or patio to catch the smallest of triggers and provide the highest level of visibility, but can also be set on timers so that they only turn on after business hours. With installation of Secure Pacific verified security, our team can help you determine where to install motion detector lights to best complement your exterior security system.

2. Keyless Entry Systems:

Limit entry into your building and ensure that your exterior doors are locked after business hours with keyless entry systems from Secure Pacific. Your exterior doors, as well as interior doors to sensitive areas, can be secured with keyless entry controls to limit entry to your building and protect your entire property. Our team will walk you through installation, as well as setup, in order to help you secure your property and customize schedules and keyless entry options for your employees.

3. Monitored Video Surveillance:

The best way to protect the exterior of your building is to install a video surveillance system. Video surveillance from Secure Pacific comes with 24/7 monitoring and our Peace of Mind Guarantee. With a verified video security system, you can rest easy knowing that your building is being monitored by our Verification Center team of experts. Their watchful eyes result in fewer false alarms and a faster police response in the case of a legitimate threat.

4. Remote Video Monitoring:

Want real time updates about the status of your property? With remote video monitoring, you will receive a text or email each time an alarm is activated or our Verification Team detects an intrusion. Now you can stay in control of what happens at your property and keep a constant eye on your building, no matter your location. While we suggest these four security essentials for protecting your outdoor space, we know that each property is different and comes with unique security concerns. For an in-depth analysis of your custom security needs, click the button below for a free security assessment. We’ll work with you to create a complete security package to fully protect your commercial property.