Tips for Creating a More Secure Office

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  Increasingly, theft and burglary takes place in office buildings and small businesses. There is a simple reason for this. Many small businesses have what thieves want: computers, TVs, electronic equipment, furniture, fixtures, and sensitive, valuable personal information. To compound the problem, offices and office parks are completely empty at night, and many small businesses have unsophisticated alarm systems that leave them vulnerable. With all the daily responsibilities of running a small business, it’s easy to be daunted by the idea of providing enough security to protect your assets, property, and employees. Fortunately, protecting a small business or office building is actually more straightforward than it seems. Installing a comprehensive security system that includes surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and alarm verification capability will cut down on costs and stress in the long run. Two of the most common myths about sophisticated electronic security technology are that 1) it’s exorbitantly expensive and 2) likely to trigger false alarms. Secure Pacific security systems prove those myths are false. We provide cost-effective security solutions that rely on alarm verification, so you won’t be dealing with endless false alarms. Remote video surveillance, keyless entry, and video verification systems are all ways that you can further secure your business and keep intruders out. Any business can fully protect itself from thieves and intruders. Having the right security system is a proactive first step in preventing criminal activity at your workplace. For more information on how you can secure your office or small business, contact us today for a free security assessment.