Top Arrests of 2013: Number 2

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Daytime diligence in our Verification Center was responsible for the arrest that landed at #2 in our countdown. At 11 a.m. on July 24, Stephany in the Verification Center received motion viewer activations from an electrical junction in the Seattle area that supplies electricity to city streets and lights on a freeway off-ramp. The motion viewers were originally installed near the boxes to catch wire thieves who were causing outages and damage.She could see a man rummaging in the junction box and standing on top of it, and she dispatched the Washington State Patrol. Thanks to the quick dispatch and a fast police response, there was no real damage to the electrical supply. Had the crime gone undetected, the damage could have cost the state several thousand dollars and the lights for the off-ramp would have been out for at least a couple of days.