Top Arrests of 2013: Number 4

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The apprehension event earning the title of top arrest #4 took place only a couple of weeks ago, but was memorable nevertheless. Our newest Operator, Stephen, received a video alarm activation from a the truck packing area of a Snoqualmie, WA commercial yard on December 16. Stephen dispatched Snoqualmie PD. The officers arrived promptly and captured two men and one woman, all of whom were in the process of siphoning fuel from the trucks into gas cans. The suspected admitted right away that they were stealing gas, but argued that it was only because they needed it for their car to return to Montana. All three suspects were arrested for trespassing and burglary. These three arrests were notable for a few reasons. Typically, we don’t detect more than two people at a time; in fact, most of the criminals we detect are working solo. Getting three at once has only happened one other time. Also, it was great that the officers caught the suspects as they were stealing the fuel, so there was no way that the suspects could deny it. Last, we like it when our new Operators get the rush of knowing that their hard work paid off in the protection of our customers!