Tracking crime on your street

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Are you curious about the crime rate in your neighborhood or around your business? You should be! There are many sites you can visit on the internet that provide “near” real time crime statistics in areas selected by the consumer. I am personally fond of, because they provide a wide variety of details I find useful, but as I said… there are many web sites you can go, to gather crime related information in your area. So, why did I present the question above? A lot of folks still believe they do not need a security system or an alarm system in their home or business and that burglaries and break-ins only happen to the other guys. Guess what … it can happen to you. Go to and type in your residential or company address and do a 2 or 5 mile perimeter check and see how much crime is in your are. Surprised? I certainly was, especially considering how close I live to a county police substation. I recommend having a security system, notably a “verified” security system to everyone I talk to. Why a verified security system? With verified security, police respond quicker than they do with a monitored system, because the crime is actually being observed in real time and police have a better likelihood of catching the bad guys. Secure Pacific offers the best verified security systems in the industry and we are local. Having locations throughout the Pacific Northwest allows us to provide a better level of protection and service for our customers. So if you are one of those folks who believe, “it will never happen to me”, check out and ask one of your neighbors whose address appears on the list, if they thought it would ever happen to them. If you are interested in learning more about how Secure Pacific can protect your home or business, contact us at 877-837-4723 for a free 44 point security consultation.