TWO. 2012 Apprehension Countdown.

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Top Apprehension # 2 of 2012

Who: Operator Minta & Seattle Police

What: 1 suspected burglar in custody

When: November 13 at 12:07 a.m.

Where: Seattle, Wash.

How: Minta, one of our expert operators in the Verification Center®, dispatched Seattle PD just after midnight on Nov. 13 when she received an alarm on the north garage area of a construction site with a Secure Pacific security system. The footage from the video verification system showed her images of an individual walking away from the camera. She then received another alarm at an outdoor area near a crane, allowing her to got a better look at the suspect, who was wearing a UW hoodie and ball cap and carrying a messenger bag.  The operator advised the police of the updated description and location as she continued getting alarms on site.

When officers arrived, they quickly found the suspect. Later reports from the dispatcher showed that the man had been arrested for burglary. 

Check out this clear video footage!