Apprehension: Two for Two—Another Busy Weekend

AdpearanceArrests & Apprehensions

Who: Operator Robin, Seattle PD & Auburn PD

What: Two suspected burglars in custody 

When: Jan. 19, 2013 at 9:22 p.m. and Jan. 20 3:49 p.m. 

Where: Construction sites in Seattle and Auburn, Wash.

How: On Friday night at 9:22, Robin dispatched Seattle PD to a construction site after receiving motion activations from the site’s middle stairwell. According to the police report, the officers arrived and set up containment on the west side of the site.  At that time, one of the officers saw a man standing on the property. When the man saw the officer, he tried to conceal himself by “hugging” the wall.  The officer identified himself and ordered the man to exit the property. When the man tried to flee by climbing the fence, he was taken into custody. 


Later, stolen items were found next to where the suspect was standing when he was first contacted by officers. Police also found a car in the area that appeared to have other stolen property inside. After he was advised of his rights, the suspect admitted that the vehicle belonged to a “friend.” 

A review of the video taken by our Secure Pacific motion viewers showed a suspect inside of the building had the same height, build and clothing that the suspect was wearing.  That video was retained for evidence.

The vehicle was impounded and a search warrant will be completed to retrieve the items within. The suspect was booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Burglary. West Precinct Burglary detectives will handle the follow up investigation.

The next afternoon, Robin received activations from the construction site in Auburn where we recently helped catch another suspect. Through the motion viewer, Robin could see one male suspect on site. He dispatched police and advised the site contact. Officers called back and reported that they had one in custody. Tools and equipment from the jobsite were found in the suspect’s vehicle.

Watch footage from both incidents!