Vandals Arrested at Renovation Site

AdpearanceArrests & Apprehensions

Jessica was monitoring accounts in our Verification Center on January 31 when she received motion viewer activations showing two young males onsite at at a commercial renovation site in Bothell, WA. Jessica dispatched Bothell PD. One of the suspects was wearing a headlamp, and she later received clips of the duo spraying a fire extinguisher around. Officers surrounded the area and brought a K-9, and arrested both suspects for vandalism shortly after. Vandalism can be a big concern for contractors and property owners. From graffiti to demolition, vandals can cause big setbacks and even dangerous conditions for laborers. Preventing vandalism can be tricky though. We think that project setbacks of any kind can be considered a loss, so preventing vandalism the same way we prevent burglary is our strategy. Getting police on the scene as soon as an unwanted visitor of any kind is at the premises prevents not only vandalism but burglary as well. Watch the sequence of events below!