The value of verification: It’s all in the math

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The right decision for Job Site Security

Secure Pacific Corp offers contractors and general contractors a security solution that is unheard of in the construction industry and extremely cost effective. With more and more construction companies required to provide security on new construction projects, it makes sense for the project manager to shop around. In the past, there were really only three options: 1) add a security guard service for $36 an hour; 2) buy a self-monitored system that may work some of the time; or 3) sign long-term contracts with alarm companies to protect the site. Now, there is a fourth way… Secure Pacific Corp offers contractors a great verified system— with no long term contracts. Let’s see how cost effective Secure Pacific’s Verified Job Site Security System really is… Secure Pacific recently set up a verified security system on a medium-sized project with a lease amount of around $9,772 and a monthly service fee of $352. This same customer received a quote from a guard service company for $36 per hour with the option of choosing a long term (6 months) contract rate of $28 per hour.  

Let’s do the math

Secure Pacific = $9,772 Lease, $352 X 6 = $2,112 Service, for a total project cost of: $11,884. That might seem high. Now, let’s do the math using the same six month scenario for a guard service with hours of protection from 6PM-6AM Monday – Saturday and all day Sunday. 12 X 6 + 24 = 96 hours per week @ $28 per hour: $2,688 per week X 26 weeks, for a total project cost of $69,888. That’s nearly six times what Secure Pacific would charge, with all service and maintenance included. Do the math, then call Secure Pacific at a number below for a no-cost job site assessment.