Verified Security Solutions for New Construction Sites

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We recently received an email from a project manager at a construction company that we have not worked with before. The PM had been tasked with finding a security provider for an upcoming  construction project. She requested pricing for what she referred to as the three options for job site security: a full time security guard, a part time security guard, and a closed circuit TV system with remote monitoring. Of course, we don’t provide any of those three choices. What we provide is way better. Video verified job site security eliminates the need for a security guard or CCTV, both of which can be prohibitively expensive as well as ineffective. Mark Losh, our resident job site security expert, was quick to inform this prospect of the value of what we offer. Maintaining construction site security can be a difficult task. The lack of walls and other protective structures can make it almost impossible to physically prevent a determined trespasser. For example, on March 20th, a 16-year-old base jumper managed to trespass onto the construction site at the building ground of the World Trade Center in New York City and travel all the way to the 104th floor.  In light of the national coverage received by this incident, we want to focus on keeping your new construction site safe and secure. In the case of the World Trade Center incident, the trespasser was able to gain access to the restricted floor by sneaking past an “inattentive” security guard. Security guards can be an effective way to prevent trespassing because they are on the site and can respond immediately to suspicious activity, but they can only monitor small areas at a time and can sometimes be unreliable. For construction security, a verified security system is capable of monitoring a large area of the site while still providing a swift security response that traditional video surveillance simply cannot provide. Whether you’re seeking an indoor or outdoor security system, verified security will keep your construction site safe and your project moving forward on schedule. For construction site security, verified systems are a cost-effective, reliable way of ensuring the only people who are on your construction site are the ones who are meant to be there. By utilizing a combination of video security and human analysis, video verification ensures that your site will receive prompt police action if needed while eliminating expensive fees for false alarms. For more information about a construction site or outdoor security system, contact Secure Pacific today.