Verified Security Systems for Your Commercial Property or Liquor Store

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As liquor stores have switched from public to private ownership, the owners of the shops are left with a difficult decision regarding security. The new owners now must make the decision on how to properly secure their stores and which alarm system to trust.

For some of these owners who are just starting out, a cheaper traditional alarm system may seem like a good route. Although a traditional alarm system may seem like a cost-effective option, unfortunately they are wrong. A verified Secure Pacific system provides liquor stores with the necessary protection they need and cannot get from a regular, unverified alarm system.

Using video verification or audio verification technology, all alarm triggers will be monitored and confirmed by our Verification Center, to prevent false alarms and ensure a quicker police response time. This quick response can make all the difference when it comes to how much damage is done to the business from theft, vandalism, or destruction of property. A traditional alarm system will not protect you in the same manner. The traditional alarm company will provide the bare minimum of security equipment at a low cost and tell you to add-on extra security after a break-in. This leaves a simple question for liquor store owners to consider – is it worth it to save on the initial up-front cost and live with a poor system? Or is a commercial security system important enough to invest in the necessary verified security system that will pay off in the long run?

For Verified Peace of Mind, trust your commercial property with Secure Pacific Verified Security Systems. Our Verification Center Team monitors your property 24/7 so that you can rest easy, knowing that your store security is in safe hands. For more information about commercial security systems or business alarm systems, contact one of our five locations in the Pacific Northwest today.