Verified Security Versus Traditional Alarm Systems: Weighing the Total Cost of Ownership

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What is the total cost of ownership for a traditional alarm system for your home or business? I’m not just talking about the cost of installation and monthly monitoring, but the true cost of ownership, including service charges, replacement charges, false alarm fines, loss of valuables, and the all-important insurance deductible.

Most traditional alarm companies entice consumers with an extremely low installation fee that seems like a great deal at the time. What these companies do not share with the customer is that the amount of peripheral devices provided for this minimal price cannot provide complete or adequate protection of their home or business.

Traditional alarm companies make their money during installation and upkeep of alarm systems. It is obvious to see during installation that the low cost of the traditional alarm system results in a minimal amount of security devices that won’t provide adequate protection for your home or business. To provide complete coverage, the installation technician or sales rep will start adding peripheral devices and service fees to the original, very inexpensive installation fee. The majority of these security companies make their money on these added service fees and the additional equipment sales.

You could still choose an inexpensive alarm system with the minimum amount of peripheral devices, but when your alarm goes off, nobody is around to verify if it is a true alarm or cancel if it is a false alarm. Because of this lack of alarm verification, it is estimated that 98% of alarms police respond to are false. With a traditional security system, when an alarm is activated the alarm company calls you and asks you what you want them to do… Call the police? Disarm the system? Will you be checking the home or business before calling the police? When the alarm company is asking you what to do, you should be asking yourself, what is the true value of this inexpensive, unverified alarm system?

Worse off, what if you have a break-in at your home or business and the alarm system doesn’t activate because you didn’t purchase enough peripheral devices. Honestly, bad guys know how to maneuver through inadequate, cookie cutter alarm systems.

Now you have to deal with the loss of your valuables, negotiating with the insurance company, and calling the alarm company back to set up an appointment to add devices for the level of protection you should have been sold to begin with. What is the true cost of this typical, cheap alarm system now?

The total cost of ownership of a typical alarm system can’t begin to compare to the true value of a verified alarm system.

With Secure Pacific, our team of Security Consultants will walk your home or business inside and out and recommend the correct number and types of peripheral devices, as well as the right type of verification system for your specific application, without adding on additional service fees. Additionally, we will provide full protection guarantees and won’t leave you hanging when your alarm goes off. With video verification options, our Verification Center sees and/or hears what is going on in your home or business at the time of alarm activation and calls the police only when they have verified a crime is taking place.

Give us a call at one of our five locations in the Pacific Northwest and let Secure Pacific protect your home and business today.