Verified Security: What Police Respond To

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I recently had a discussion with one of our newest Secure Pacific customers and asked him specifically why he chose Secure Pacific.  His answer was pretty much in line with answers we receive from the majority of our customers… “Secure Pacific provides the best product, service and guarantees for the price.”  “Verified security is what police respond to.” And so on.  The statement that really stood out and got me thinking was… “As a business owner, it isn’t IF I get burglarized, it is WHEN.”  What a profound statement, but it is one that really makes sense. In the last month alone there have been 166 calls to Seattle Police to report commercial burglaries. That comes down to nearly 6 calls per day—and that number doesn’t necessarily include armed robberies, trespassing, vandalism or unreported crimes. Think about it for a few minutes, then give us a call.  We can protect your business more cost effectively than the competition.
There are many alarm companies on the market, but the one that provides the best of audio and video alarm verification is Secure Pacific.  Give us a call 877-837-4723. 

It’s not if , but when.