Verified Security: What Does It Mean to You?

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Verified Security

Have you heard of this new type of security system to protect your home and business? It really isn’t new at all; in fact, Secure Pacific Corporation is part of a family of companies that has been providing customers with verified security systems for more than 34 years.

What does having a verified security system mean to you as a home or business owner?  It means you have true protection– a real value because you know that when you are away from your business or home, someone is watching or listening in and will contact the police if anything goes wrong, verifying a crime is actually taking place.

What is the value of that? The ability to have eyes on a crime in progress, as opposed to having a bell ringing alarm, typically expedites police response and leads to criminal apprehensions.  Verified alarm systems provide the best overall security protection for your home or business.  Secure Pacific Corporation is the leading provider of verified security systems in Pacific Northwest.

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