Video Verification Foils Burglar’s Restaurant Plans | Apprehension

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Just after midnight (12:45am) on August 21, 2013, Joe, an operator in our Verification Center, received an alarm on the back kitchen door at a Mexican restaurant in Seattle. He then began receiving activations from the video verification devices, as well as tamper alarms from equipment in the facility. Joe immediately dispatched the police, and updated them with new information as he received it. The first video clip that came in to Joe showed an individual onsite taking down the verification devices (see below). Thanks to Joe’s fast response and attention to detail, the police were able to get in the area and apprehend the individual as soon as he walked out of the business. The owner of the business let our Seattle customer service representative know that the intruder gained entry through the back door and had pried his way in with a crow bar. Equipment by the back door and in the bar was taken down, as was the keypad. All of the cash was taken out of the registers and things were thrown around in the bar area. Glass was broken in attempt to enter the office, but the intruder was unsuccessful and left through the front doors. He was caught while running down an alley across the street. The customer is extremely happy with our fast response aiding in the apprehension, but is equally happy that a tech was on site right away to help get the system up and running again (part of our Peace of Mind Guarantee). Does the room in the video clip look familiar? That’s because this same restaurant experienced a break-in and apprehension earlier this year!