Video Verification Prevents False Alarms

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Accidentally dispatching law enforcement to false alarms is both embarrassing and costly for customers because of false alarm fees. Furthermore, false alarms take important resources away from the public. In Seattle alone, officers respond to 11,000 false alarms every year, resulting in more than one million dollars of excess costs to the city. Prior to the 2004 False Alarm Program in Seattle, which requires call verification before requesting police aid, 97% of alarm calls were false. The quality of the Verification Center and process makes a significant difference to the city’s resources as well as to the customer’s safety. The best way to prevent false alarms is with verified response solutions. By installing verification technology, operators can quickly and efficiently determine whether a real emergency is at hand and alert the authorities in the event that something is wrong. Our operators are highly trained and have extensive experience, making them experts in confirmation of a break in, disturbance or theft. They carefully analyze audio and visual cues, resulting in an extremely intelligent alarm system. As a result, Secure Pacific is a name that local law enforcement agencies trust. This hard-earned reliance builds a positive relationship between law enforcement and customers. We are dedicated to our community, and reducing false alarms while ensuring a quick police response time is crucial to a safe community. As a verified alarm systems company passionate about our neighbors, Secure Pacific partners with a variety of community organizations, such as the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland, because of this strong dedication. To find out more about how to prevent false alarms, feel free to contact us today.