Video Verification Nabs Door Kicker & Accomplice

AdpearanceArrests & Apprehensions

Minta, an operator in our Verification Center, dispatched Everett PD at around 3 a.m. on Saturday, September 21 after receiving multiple job site security activations on an Everett construction site. The video verification devices installed showed her a male in dark clothing carrying something. As officers arrived, Minta continued to receive video verification activations. She also called the Everett School Patrol because the site will be the district’s administrative building when it is complete. A guard from the patrol service reported that officers had two people in custody; one who was found crawling through a window and one who was an accomplice with a getaway car. A door on the west side of the building had been kicked in. This apprehension demonstrates how more than just the construction company and contractors can be affected by loss and damage at construction sites. The property owner and future proprietors of the building being built can face major setbacks and costs when expensive pieces of equipment or wiring go missing. While it is often a running joke that construction projects are never finished on time, it’s true that the fewer obstacles builders have to overcome, especially with regards to thefts, the more likely a project is to reach completion on deadline. We like seeing projects finish on time and on budget, so we do our best to keep intruders out of construction job sites by using video verification.