Warehouse Security Systems

Protecting warehouses and industrial environments can be challenging. The Secure Pacific team in EverettSeattle, Tacoma,  Spokane, Portland, and Boise has nearly 40 years’ experience with commercial security solutions and we are up to the challenge of covering your warehouse.   We can provide you with the best business security systems to reduce shrinkage and secure your

  • Employees/Break Rooms
  • Equipment/Hazardous Materials
  • Private Records/Inventory
  • Restrooms/Locker rooms
  • Server rooms

Our Advanced Technology

Secure Pacific uses the most advanced technology to secure your facility and make sure it’s easy for employees to use. You’ll be protected against threats of burglaryfire, and other hazards. To save you the hassle of using multiple systems from multiple vendors, Secure Pacific meets your needs with one flexible, upgradeable, comprehensive security system that combines intrusion detection, fire monitoring, commercial keyless entry, and remote video surveillance.

Secure Pacific’s scalable security solutions include options to:

  • View security video on your desktop computer, laptop computer, iPhone, iPad, or other smartphone.
  • Prevent false alarms with our Verisafe® line of security solutions that includes video verification
  • Control employees’ access to valuable assets and inventory based on their job function, time, or location
  • Integrate with warehouse automation systems that control heating, lighting, and other appliances
  • Implement environmental monitoring to detect changes in moisture, temperature, etc.

Secure Pacific’s customized designs offer small businesses budget-friendly access to the same high tech security that big businesses use.  We are proud to deliver superior commercial security systems and customer service throughout the Pacific Northwest as a member of your local Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, and Boise communities.

warehouse security alarmEffectively protecting your warehouse from burglaries is much easier, simpler, and more cost-effective than you realize.  You may have already tried traditional alarm monitoring systems that generated countless false alarms or couldn’t generate a fast-enough police response time to actually prevent loss.  You may have also employed security guards who might have fallen asleep on shift, didn’t perform their rounds as expected, or spent too much time reading on the porcelain throne while a burglary or vandalism took place.  Secure Pacific offers the perfect solution to protecting your warehouse effectively that doesn’t create false alarms and is only a fraction of the cost of security guards.  While armed, Secure Pacific’s security solution for your warehouse is always alert and able to detect any forced intrusion – guarantee included!!! 

Secure Pacific provides video verification alarm monitoring services that allow our Verification Center to immediately determine if an alarm is real or false.  Secure Pacific will not wake you up or bother you in the middle of the night for a false alarm. 

Secure Pacific’s warehouse security systems are extremely flexible because the wireless equipment isn’t restricted by access to power, phone, or internet connections.  Hmmm….did I forget to mention that our equipment is also 100% maintenance free?  All you have to do is remember to arm and disarm the system; Secure Pacific will take care of the rest, including changing the batteries.  Secure Pacific relieves you of the stress associated with protecting your property and assets so you can actually enjoy your time away from work. 

Contact Secure Pacific to learn more about our warehouse security solutions and treat yourself this season with our Peace of Mind Guarantee!