We Are Verification: 30 Years of Experience & Service to Match

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At Secure Pacific, we believe that 35 years of experience in verified security and protection speaks for itself. Because of our rich history of protection, we offer each and every one of our customers our “Peace of Mind” Guarantee. This guarantee helps our customers sleep easy, knowing they have the verified protection of the largest privately owned security company in the Pacific Northwest.

In addition to peace of mind, our Guarantee comes with five additional components to ensure our customers have the best in verified security and can expect exceptional service and protection from Secure Pacific, and a reliable performance from our Verification Center Team. Here are some other services you can expect when you partner with Secure Pacific, as part of our “Peace of Mind” Guarantee:

• Satisfaction
Secure Pacific offers an unconditional refund of your installation fee if for any reason you are not satisfied with your commercial or residential security system six months after installation.

• Equipment and Labor
Secure Pacific offers a warranty including routine maintenance on all equipment for as long as we provide monitoring services.

• Emergency Service
Secure Pacific guarantees that a service technician will be on-site within two hours of an emergency repair request, within our normal service area. If for some reason we cannot meet this time frame, we will pay you $50.

• $5,000 Performance
For security systems with Verisafe® technology, Secure Pacific will pay up to $5,000 of losses if an undetected forced entry occurs at your business or home and the proper authorities are not notified.

• False Alarm Fines
In case of a false alarm, for security systems with Verisafe® technology, Secure Pacific will represent you in getting the fine voided or pay the fine ourselves if you received a false alarm fine due to a dispatch by a Secure Pacific monitoring operator and not by a system user or telephone service provider.