What Does I-502 Say About Surveillance and Alarm Systems?

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How will the new I-502 rules affect plans for my establishment? The rules, approved by the Washington State Liquor Control Board during a meeting in Olympia, establish regulations for pot producers, processers and retailers and set the stage for legal recreational marijuana use to begin early next year. The proposed rules are scheduled to take effect Sept. 16, when the Washington Liquor Control Board will begin accepting applications. One of the major additions to the revisions to I-502 is information about outdoor growing with no limits on production. There are however, limitations when it comes to security, both physical and electronic, of outdoor growing areas. The proposed rules state:

Outdoor production may take place in non-rigid greenhouses, other structures, or an expanse of open or cleared ground fully enclosed by a physical barrier. To obscure public view of the premises, outdoor production must be enclosed by a sight obscure wall or fence at least eight feet high.

Outdoor growing areas must also meet the security requirements described in WAC 314-55-083, which we cover below. What do the proposed I-502 rules say about electronic security? WAC 314-55-083 lays out detailed requirements for electronic security and video surveillance at collectives and retail locations. Those requirements are:
  • At a minimum, each licensed premises must have a security alarm system on all perimeter entry points and perimeter windows. Motion detectors, pressure switches, duress, panic, and holdup alarms may also be utilized.
  • There must be complete video surveillance with minimum camera resolution of 640×470 pixels that must be internet protocol (IP) compatible and recording system for controlled areas within the licensed premises and entire perimeter fencing and gates enclosing an outdoor grow operation, to ensure control of the area.
    • The requirements include image acquisition, video recording, management and monitoring hardware and support systems. All recorded images must clearly and accurately display the time and date.
  • All camera recordings must be continuously recorded twenty four hours a day. All surveillance recordings must be kept for a minimum of forty-five days on the licensee’s recording device. All videos are subject to inspection by any liquor control board employee or law enforcement officer, and must be copied and provided to the board or law enforcement officer upon request.
The new requirements also give very specific details about camera placement both indoors and outdoors. Keeping track of the security details in I-502 is a big task and requires thorough understanding of both the security world and marijuana legislation. The alarm systems for I-502 retailers that Secure Pacific provides comply completely with the proposed rules. Our security consultants stay up to date with I-502 legislation and trends in the industry, which means we will be able to continue providing security that complies with current and future legislation. Our I-502 package includes a complete verified burglar alarm with contacts and sensors for all perimeter doors and windows as well as surveillance cameras and hard drives. For outdoor growers, we offer video verified outdoor security systems and can refer you to a reputable fence installer. Panic buttons and additional indoor security precautions are also available. One of our security consultants will come to your facility and walk the premises to map out a security installation layout that is I-502 compliant. For more details, please feel free to call us and ask about our security packages for I-502 establishments.