What Is The Best Security System For a Restaurant?

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When you think “break-in,” home invasions and broken storefront windows likely come to mind. Restaurants, ranging from the super high-end to fast-food chains, also face daily threats from burglars. While restaurants have some security advantages that other businesses do not, such as fewer “off” hours, they also deal with a wider range of security concerns, including temperature-sensitive inventory and health code requirements. Just a few weeks ago, a Burger King in Snohomish, Wash. dealt with the repercussions of a break-in. According to the Snohomish Police Department, an employee clocked in at the restaurant in the around 5:15 a.m. and found the safe pulled out and damaged, but still locked. The surveillance video below shows a clear shot of the suspects’ faces, but as of yet no arrests have been made. While the restaurant was lucky that their safe was not stolen or opened, the very public sharing of the surveillance video may have alerted other potential burglars that police would not arrive if the restaurant was broken into again. The best security system for a restaurant of any kind is one that stops a burglary in progress, not one that only captures surveillance footage for after-the-fact analysis. Alarm systems that use video verification methods are the most economical way to make sure that suspects are caught before escaping. In the restaurants we secure, we install silent video verification devices that send short clips to our dedicated Verification Center in Everett, Wash. when tripped. As soon as we spot a potential burglar, we dispatch police on the highest priority. We believe that the best restaurants are the ones that have the best restaurant security systems, because that means that their food, staff and assets are protected from potential threats.