What Is the Best Security System For Your Business?

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Have you ever finished one big project and then moved immediately to the next? Our company tackled three database and software conversions in the last nine months, and while the transition has been difficult at times and was definitely a lot of work, now that we are almost completely eased into the new ways of doing things we can see what a big difference it has made. Our security consultants talk with people every day who are unhappy with their current security systems but are apprehensive about changing them because of the cost and time involved—and that’s not to mention the ones who are locked into existing contracts. To be honest, our security systems are not the fastest or cheapest to set up. We don’t do DIY or free installations, and we can’t set it up the same day (or even the next day). But we do offer what we are convinced are the best security systems and customer service available. It’s understandable to be concerned about taking on something new when your calendar is already full of undone tasks and looming deadlines. However, if you’re unsure about what you’re really getting for the money you’re paying your current security company, we can promise that it will be worth it to make the switch. We offer a six month satisfaction guarantee and an ongoing relationship. If you have a problem with your security system, we’ll be out there to fix it and we won’t even charge you (see our Peace of Mind Guarantees for more details). Once you’ve made the switch from a cookie-cutter security system from a company that only thinks of you as a number, you’ll be glad you did. Protecting your business is well worth a little extra effort up front. We have employees available around the clock to walk you through the system and make sure that you’re confident in your choice.