What Is the True Cost of Job Site Loss?

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With everything that goes on daily at job sites, it is no wonder site security is not tracked, budgeted or planned for.  Deadlines, subcontracts, schedules and the daily grind of keeping the site going are the primary focus. Then comes the morning when the first person on site finds tagging, lost items, broken job boxes, and missing baloney cords. Now someone has to take inventory to find out what is gone, how fast it can be replaced, and how long until work can start that needed these items. The cost keeps going up by the hour that the site is shut down.  Many people I work with used to look at it as “well, we did not lose that much, maybe $1,000  is all.”  But what did it cost in terms of time lost, delays in the schedule and plain old stress on everyone? Our fully monitored on-site verified wireless security systems provide verified peace of mind that you won’t have to face those challenges on your site. More than 120 job sites in the past 22 months have felt that peace of mind and we have the arrest record to prove it.