When is the right time to get a security system?

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Thinking about security? The questions you are probably asking yourself are… (1) When is the right time to get a security system?  (2) What is the right security system? In my opinion, the first question is the easiest to answer. The right time is:  

For construction job sites, once job trailers go on site.

For businesses, once the lease is signed. 

For a residence, once the closing documents are signed or the lease is signed.

  Choosing the right security system is the tougher question. The right alarm system is always a verified alarm system, not only because more and more jurisdictions require verified alarm systems, but because verified alarms provide a higher level of protection and faster police response. There are really only two types of verified alarm systems, (1) Audio verification, primarily used for commercial and residential applications and, (2) Video verification, primarily used for commercial, residential, storage yards and construction job sites. Audio verified alarms are impact-activated and the bad guys can be heard from outside of the business or residence, before a break-in occurs.  This is extremely helpful with getting police dispatched and chances are good that the bad guy/s will be caught prior to entering into the business or residence. Video verified alarms such as Secure Pacific alarm systems provide an eye-witness to a crime in progress when the alarm is activated. This is a great verification process that allows the monitoring center (we call ours the Verification Center) operators to tell the police what the bad guy is doing and where he is in the business, residence, storage yard or construction job site. In summary, the right time to get an alarm system is once a job trailer hits the ground for construction projects, once the lease is signed for businesses and once closing documents are signed for residential and the right alarm system is always a verified alarm system.