Why Secure Pacific is the Smart choice for the Holidays?

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Thinking of upgrading your home security system with additional smart home features and z-wave devices? You can easily add cameras, automatic locks, lamp modules, flood detectors, etc. to accommodate your lifestyle. The best part you ask? You will have full control at your fingertips through the Virtual Keypad app! Using your Virtual Keypad app, automate your lights and thermostats by setting up Favorites and adding them to a Schedule. That way, you keep your family and home comfortable all season long. Don’t forget to arm your home security system during the holidays! With extra valuables inside, you can never be too careful. To help you remember, use the Virtual Keypad app’s Geofence feature. With Geofencing, you can have a notification sent to your smart phone in the event you forget to set your alarm. Did you know you can automate your holiday lights? Eliminate the hassle of remembering to turn your Christmas lights on and off by setting up a favorite schedule. The Virtual Keypad app allows you to easily create on/off schedules so you can enjoy your favorite time of the year.

Tips on how to protect packages from theft:

Online shopping makes the holidays easier, but this instant gratification has its flaws. Packages left unattended on door steps are easy targets for thieves. Luckily Secure Pacific offers a variety of solutions. One solution that often gets overlooked is that you can use your security cameras to verify deliveries. Will you be traveling during the holidays? Your alarm system can help keep your home secure while you’re away. Automating your lamps and exterior lighting will give the appearance someone is home. Use our video monitoring technology to ensure that packages have arrived and then ask a neighbor, friend or family member to grab your mail and any packages delivered to your door to ensure your items are secure. You can also double check you adjusted the thermostats, locked up, and armed your system in away mode all with the Virtual Keypad app.