Why Security Experience Matters

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Secure Pacific has just over 40 years of industry leading security experience in the North West with offices in Washington Idaho and Oregon. The same owners, Beau and Deb Bradley, who created the passion and our mission statement back in 1978, set out to make a difference; “to provide Verified Peace of Mind to our clients, through unparalleled service and superior technology that exceed all expectations”. This mission statement still holds and still leads our team to this day.

Here is why our years and employees years of experience matters:

Our success over the years is thanks to some of our long time employees. One key player being our Vice President of Operations, Joe Bullis, who has 27 years’ experience with our company, however 44 years all together in the Alarm industry. As well as our Chief Technical Officer, Wayne Ohlemeier who has been with our company for 37 years. These two men set the pace and perform the in house training for our 48 technicians and counting. Wayne has seen every innovation in the industry, tested new products thoroughly and only recommends the best products on the market for our clients. We utilize American made DMP products that are 256 bit encrypted and considered the most secure in the industry. Another vital leader in our trusting staff is Chief Technician in Spokane, Tim Schwedland, who has 25 years’ experience in the Alarm industry and is certified as a Master Technician. When it comes to our experience our sales team in Spokane has 40 years of combined Law Enforcement experience. Which has created an outstanding and unique experience for Secure Pacific’s local Police Relations Program. Even I, (Brad Carpenter) served as a patrol Officer in Oakland California and was at the scene of well over two hundred break-ins, burglaries or thefts. As an investigator, then Homicide Detective I spent thousands of hours in interview rooms with well over 100 homicide suspects, several hundred rapists, robbers and thieves and learned of their methodologies, what they looked for, how they entered properties, what they did while inside and why they passed on breaking into other homes and businesses. This has allowed me so better safeguard each facility to its unique needs that others might miss. Secure Pacific offers a free security assessment where we will identify from our experience where a suspect will find your residence or business the most vulnerable.  We then design a system that will include a video verification trap zone that will protect you, your family and or your business. Experience matters when it comes down to safeguarding the things and people that matter to you most. Secure Pacific has the best service guaranteed and can provide you what you need to ensure that you and your businesses are protected from whatever may be in store.