Why We Care About Arrests

AdpearanceArrests & Apprehensions

Weekend apprehensions: When a motion viewer installed at a Seattle apartment complex tripped on October 19, Operator Joe Orsborn could see at least one person onsite. He dispatched Seattle PD and notified the site responders. Officers arrived and arrested two suspects. Watch the suspect leap off of a structure in the this video clip: We are still figuring out the details, but another suspect was caught at a construction project in Tacoma late last week. This project is run by a relatively new Secure Pacific client and this was their first apprehension. It’s great seeing a newly installed wireless security system do its job and do it well. Why we care about arrests: If you’ve done much research on companies in the alarm industry, you’ve probably noticed that apprehension numbers are hard to come by. Very few alarm providers will give you information about how many people are arrested following a dispatch from their monitoring center, and that’s because they just don’t have it. Non-verified security systems are designed to scare burglars away based on signs and sirens alone. While it may seem counterintuitive, it’s a known fact that most burglars like to take their time when they feel they’re not being watched. They can make the most of their efforts by finding the objects worth the most and they like to take as much as they can before they get out. This is exactly the process that happens when burglars enter businesses and outdoor areas protected with silent alarms. They think they’re off the hook and they linger. This makes it so much easier for police to arrest the criminal and recover all of the stolen property. If the burglar has already gotten away, chances are you won’t find him or her until they come back for more. Every night, our goal is to have all of our clients open for business as normal the following day. We can’t stop burglars from going after businesses, but we can design systems that lead to their arrest and as little damage to your property as possible.