Wireless Solutions to Protect Your Unoccupied Spaces, Properties and Units

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It’s May which means it’s time to think about building security! Last year, President Obama proclaimed May as National Building Security Month. This year, the International Code Council Foundation named Mike Holmes from “Holmes on Homes”—the popular HGTV show—to be Building Safety Month’s honorary ambassador—reminding us collectively that we need to re-prioritize effective standards, safety, and security in and around our buildings. While Mike Holmes’ popular show and the message behind National Safety Month reinforce our collective need to create and maintain safe and sustainable buildings, what is equally important is our need, as individuals, to prepare for external risks to safety and security in our buildings.

Protecting unoccupied buildings, units and apartments can be tremendously challenging—especially for a busy or remote landlord. Secure Pacific provides remote landlords peace of mind through our various Remote Video Monitoring Systems. In order to protect your unoccupied buildings, not only can we offer you a full range of video monitoring systems with our high-performing video cameras, but we can also provide real-time monitoring. With our Videofied system, our verification experts analyze real-time video of your building, ensuring that while you’re absent, nothing compromises the safety and security of your unoccupied buildings and properties.

With our wireless monitoring systems, you can remotely view and augment your security system through our network and convenient web portal. Our Secure View video surveillance option allows you to log in and view video feeds from cameras networked on our web portal. If you need to store your video and security feeds, we offer Digital Video Recorder (DVR) options.

It’s a challenge to keep your buildings safe especially as a remote landlord. While Building Safety Month reminds us as a nation to refocus on safety standards, at Secure Pacific, building security and proprietor peace of mind is our business and our focus all of the time.

View our system in action securing a construction site near Seattle Washington. A trespasser is detected, our monitoring operator verifies the threat and calls police with a verified burglar alarm.