Access Control Systems

Secure Pacific’s Verisafe® sound verification technology prevents false burglar alarms and delivers a higher level of commercial security for your business or organization. The Verisafe® solution is simple and effective. When your armed alarm system is tripped by motion, our operators are able to listen in. Sound verification technology allows them to listen through the alarm system and determine if there is an actual emergency or suspicious activity occuring. In the event of a break-in, an expert operator will dispatch police immediately on high priority. If it's just a false alarm, the operator will reset the system without disturbing you or the police.

Catching Suspects Red-Handed

Unlike audible alarms, which prompt burglars to do grab all they can and get out, our sound verification alarms are silent. This creates a false sense of security for the burglar, who then takes his or her time to get items of the most value. Police, dispatched on high priority, often arrive on the scene in fewer than five minutes and catch the suspect red-handed. Verification leads to an exponentially higher arrest rate than conventional alarm systems -- and a much lower rate of property loss.

Furthermore, our lower incidence of false alarms means police can trust that a Secure Pacific alarm is a genuine alarm. Statistics show rescue agencies respond quicker and more effectively to verified crimes in progress.

Flexible Business Security Systems

Our Verisafe® business security systems are flexible to allow for customization. Depending on the needs of your facility, your sound verification technology can stand alone or be integrated with a video verification system. Sound and video verification deliver a one-two punch to would-be burglars. Our systems can also include keyless entry, fire monitoring and environmental monitoring options.