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Intercom Systems


Intercom Systems

Secure Pacific delivers powerful solutions for effective intercom communication and security systems for businesses. Our technology and expertly designed options will help you achieve your commercial security goals.


Secure Pacific offers easy to use, technologically advanced and reliable commercial intercom systems. Features like door release, video entry security, and microprocessor-based systems give you greater control of access to your business. Your Secure Pacific consultant will work with you to create the system that meets your needs


Greater Security For Your Employees

Give your employees greater security by allowing them to safely identify visitors and vendors before letting them inside. Secure Pacific has intercom technology that gives your employees the ability see and hear who wants inside. They can even unlock the door without getting up. This is a fantastic tool for remote locations like loading docks, shipping bays, and delivery areas.

Secure Pacific can strategically place intercoms through your business to enhance communication between your employees. You can locate and speak with staff in any part of the building. You can also page people or make emergency announcements. We are also able to design a system to communicate between buildings for campuses and larger commercial applications.

Boost the convenience of your Secure Pacific burglar alarm with one of our commercial intercom systems.

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