Video Verification Alarms

Secure Pacific Verisafe® video alarm systems provide not only the proof required to dispatch the police to a break-in with a higher priority, but also the evidence necessary to bring the suspected criminal to justice.

Video Alarm Verification is Simple

Secure Pacific motion-activated cameras record short video clips when they are activated and send those clips to our Verification Center®. There, an expert operator views the clips instantly and determines if there is a threat. If a person is in your facility when they shouldn’t be, the operator dispatches police on high priority. If it’s nothing but an animal or balloon, the operator resets the system without worrying you or the police.

Unlike audible alarms, which prompt burglars to do grab all they can and get out, our video verification alarms are silent. This creates a false sense of security for the burglar, who then takes his or her time to get items of the most value. Police, dispatched on high priority, often arrive on the scene in fewer than five minutes and catch the suspect red-handed. Verification leads to an exponentially higher arrest rate than conventional alarm systems — and a much lower rate of property loss and false alarms.

Watch real footage of a break-in caught– and stopped– by video alarm verification.

Squirrel Sets off Motion Sensor

This squirrel set off a motion sensor, but the monitoring operator could see it was a squirrel, not a burglar, and reset the system without wasting the resources of the police or the business owner.