Small Business Security Systems

Small business owners are passionate about the work they do and the services they offer their communities. We at Secure Pacific are the same way. That’s why small businesses in EverettSeattle, TacomaSpokane, Portland, and Boise have partnered with us to get the best security systems and service from a local community member.

Better Business Security Through Verification Technology

As a small business owner, you understand risk and you don’t want to gamble on the security of your company. You want to protect your people and assets and get a solid return on your investment in an alarm system. Secure Pacific has you covered. Our suite of security services include intruder detection, video surveillancecommercial keyless entry and fire alarm systems. With our “Peace of Mind” guarantee, Secure Pacific gives you risk-free security.

As the exclusive provider of Verisafe® security solutions, Secure Pacific offers burglar alarm monitoring systems that are verified with either video or sound technology. Verification is one of the best tools for false alarm prevention.

Watch security camera video footage from non-profit with a Secure Pacific outdoor security system.

Verifying Break-Ins

Video and audio detection technology allows the operators in Secure Pacific’s Verification Center® to immediately verify if a break-in is in progress or if it’s a false alarm. Once the alarm is verified, operators call the proper authorities. If it’s a false alarm, they reset your system without disturbing you.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

Secure Pacific systems come with a “Peace of Mind” guarantee that covers satisfaction, performance, equipment & labor, false alarm fines, and emergency service. Secure Pacific’s integrated security solutions are available to businesses of all sizes. Our modular design is customized to fit your facility. You get what you need now and can expand your system as your business grows in the future.

See suspected burglars caught by monitored security cameras.

We Take Care of You

As a small business owner in the Pacific Northwest, you wear a lot of hats. With Secure Pacific, you don’t have to worry about security and can focus on the business of running your business. After all, it’s not just another small business, it’s your business.

Secure Pacific works with businesses of all types in Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, and Boise to provide office security systems.