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Peace of Mind Guarantee Program

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Peace of Mind Guarantee Program

You’ll have no worries when you partner with Secure Pacific to protect your business or home. Our “Peace of Mind” Guarantee helps our customers sleep at night. We earn your trust with exceptional service and reliable performance. Talk to one of our security consultants for complete details.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Pacific offers a full, unconditional refund of your installation fee if, for any reason, at six months after your security system is installed, you are dissatisfied with your system.

Equipment & Labor Guarantee

Secure Pacific warranties normal maintenance on all equipment and labor for as long as we provide your monitoring services.


Emergency Service Guarantee

Secure Pacific guarantees the arrival of a service technician, on-site, within two (2) hours of your emergency request, within our normal service area. We will pay you $50.00 if we do not respond within this time frame.

$5,000 Performance Guarantee

For security systems with Verisafe® technology, Secure Pacific will pay up to $5,000 of any losses incurred to your business or home if an undetected forced entry occurs and the proper authority is not notified.

False Alarm Fine Guarantee

For security systems with Verisafe® technology, if you receive a false alarm fine due to a Secure Pacific dispatch and not caused by a system user, your telephone service provider or an Act of God, we’ll represent you in getting the fine voided or we will pay the fine.

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