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Environmental Monitoring


Environmental Monitoring Systems

Home environmental monitoring systems protect your family from major losses caused by water, fire/smoke or air quality threats like carbon monoxide.


Water Detection

Annually, property damage caused by aging or bad plumbing costs homeowners more than $3 billion in preventable losses. Worse than the money is the lost memories when family heirlooms, photo albums and electronic data are destroyed.

Secure Pacific offers home monitoring systems to detect moisture. We place sensors near water-using appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. When leaking water comes in contact with the sensors, a wireless alert is sent. We can design the system to automatically shut off water flow to your house when the alert is received. This will prevent any additional damage. You won’t come home from a hard day at work to a foot of water in your house. Water detection is ideal for single family residences, vacation homes and rental homes.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

A fire can move quickly through a home, putting lives in danger and causing significant damage. Carbon monoxide poses an equally deadly, but harder to detect, risk.
Carbon monoxide puts your family at risk for serious illness and, in some cases, death. Protecting your loved ones from carbon monoxide poisoning is easy with a quality, expertly installed carbon monoxide detector. Your Secure Pacific system can easily and affordably include a carbon monoxide detector.

Save yourself unnecessary worry and risk with Secure Pacific’s family of air monitoring equipment.

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