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Personal Alert Button


Personal Alert Buttons

When seconds count, you want Secure Pacific’s emergency alert options at your fingertips. Help will be on the way to your home with the press of a single button. Your Secure Pacific system can be enhanced with the personal alert button that meets your specific needs. In addition to an emergency alert feature, we have options that allow you to roll in control of your security system, lights, appliances and garage doors with one remote-style device.

Personal Alert Button.png

Help is Only a Click Away

Secure Pacific offers discreet, easy-to-use, portable devices that allow you or your family members to instantly call for help in emergency situations. We have options for key chain-type devices, necklace/pendants, and belt-clip devices. You’re sure to find the right match for your lifestyle.

You’ll appreciate having our Verification Center® team there for you day and night. We have over 45 years of experience in providing a quick response when every second counts. Secure Pacific’s emergency alert devices provide another tool in your security toolbox and work in coordination with your complete security system. These devices work even when your alarm system is off.

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