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Environmental Monitoring Systems


Environmental Monitoring Systems

A water leak or extreme temperature change can destroy equipment, computer servers and other inventory, disrupt business and put your employees at risk. Secure Pacific’s commercial environmental monitoring systems can help prevent major losses to your business.

Moisture, temperature and air monitoring equipment is ideal for

  • Restaurants & commercial kitchens

  • Freezers

  • Restrooms/Locker Rooms

  • Stockrooms/Server Rooms

  • Basements

  • Laundry areas

  • Any sensitive areas


Stay in the Know when you’re on the go

We have options that allow you to receive alerts about your business’ environment on your desk top computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Smart Phone or any compatible cell phone. This option lets you control your Secure Pacific security system, view live video and know what’s going on in your business from any location as well.

Secure Pacific makes environmental monitoring easy by integrating it with your other security services. We offer burglar alarms, keyless entry systems, monitored video surveillance and fire monitoring. Every Secure Pacific security solution is customized for each business we protect.

Save Costs and Reduce Liability

Our environmental monitoring sensors can be programmed to notify you when detecting freezing or predetermined high temperatures and the presence of water. Early detection of these issues saves you money and helps reduce the risk of liability, inventory loss, food spoilage and other potential dangers.

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