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Home CCTV Systems


Home CCTV Systems

Secure Pacific’s video monitoring is the picture perfect security solution for your home. Home surveillance by Secure Pacific is nothing like old fashioned CCTV. Our state-of-the-art security camera systems are sleek, affordable and powerful. Knowing what’s going on at your house can be as easy as an app on your iPhone on Android. You can be on the go and stay in the know.


Customizing Your Home Video System

Every home is different. Every home security video camera system should be different, too. Secure Pacific’s systems can be customized with wired or wireless options, depending on the layout of your home. We have the ability to be flexible with the mounting surfaces and locations to make sure security cameras capture the view you want while staying discreet and respectful of your family. A Secure Pacific security consultant will design your surveillance system specifically for your home.

Maximizing Your Home Security Video System

Secure Pacific helps you maximize your home security video camera system. For example, our technical experts can program your system to send a still image to your cell phone every time the door is opened.

A few customization options include:

  • Wireless equipment

  • Ability to check images through any secure Internet connection

  • Send alerts to your iPhone, iPad, Smart Phone or other compatible cell phone

  • Flexible camera mounting

  • Night vision for outdoor cameras

Your Secure Pacific security consultant will work with you to design a surveillance system that meets your unique needs.

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