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Video Surveillance Systems


Video Surveillance Systems

Secure Pacific’s video monitoring is the picture perfect security solution for your business. When you want to look back at the activities that went on outside your business after hours or check to make sure that everything's where it should be in your warehouse, remote video monitoring enables you to be two places at once.

While video surveillance on its own cannot alert you to a crime in progress, it can give you great control over your property. When paired with video alarm monitoring, video surveillance is part of a powerful security perimeter.


Watch real footage of a break-in caught by a monitored security camera system.

Maximize Your Commercial Security

Secure Pacific helps you maximize your commercial security system. A few customization options include:

  • Ability to check images through any secure Internet connection

  • Flexible installation option

  • Night vision for outdoor cameras

Your Secure Pacific security consultant will work with you to design a surveillance system that meets the unique needs of your business.

Open Door Baptist Church has been a customer since 1985, and we have been absolutely satisfied for the entire relationship. Secure Pacific has always been there for us and things seem to be seamless. Not only has Secure Pacific been professional and outstanding in regards to service, they save us money by eliminating false alarms. This keeps our credibility with the local law enforcement agencies and allows for us to have peace of mind that our Church is being protected. We highly recommend Secure Pacific and their product. You can't beat it!


A balloon floating around triggered the motion sensor, but thanks to video alarm monitoring, it didn't result in a false burglar alarm.

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